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One of the most common locksmith services involves rekeying locks and recalibrating them for a new set of keys. It’s a quick and affordable alternative to a tedious lock change procedure and makes lives much easier for those who have lost their keys. A lot of people often get confused between rekey and changing them altogether. Let’s explain the difference between the two and why you might require a rekey locks  residential service:

Rekey vs Lock change

Alhambra Locksmith Store Alhambra, CA 626-537-3964A lock change service is carried out if your locking systems are no longer efficient or damaged beyond repair. It involves a general examination of your locking systems by a professional locksmith and selecting a new one based on your requirements. The lock that you now wish to install at your house is completely new and requires a new set of keys for operation. On the other hand, rekeying involves the replacement of the pins and tumblers of your existing locks so that your old key can no longer unlock it. It’s considered as an economical solution and is much more prevalent than lock change.

Alhambra Locksmith Store offers special rekey locks , residential services to clients throughout Alhambra, CA and excels at providing round-the-clock emergency assistance with a lighting quick turnaround time. Our experts enjoy a successful track record in delivering quick solutions and have the technical expertise to rekey all varieties of locking systems.

Rekeying is a very common practice. Here’s why you should get it done too:

  • Rekeying give greater control to owners
  • It eliminates the risk of an ex-tenant gaining unauthorized access to your property
  • It is a much more economical and time-saving alternative to a lock change procedure
  • You can avoid the possibility of any other key opening your locks
  • You can rekey locks with a whole new combination that makes them hard to pick

Call a professional for residential rekey service

Many people rely on amateur services or resort to DIY methods to get locks rekeyed. While rekeying is not as complicated as carrying out a lock replacement, it certainly requires thorough professional expertise and precision. Alhambra Locksmith Store delivers both with remarkable flair. Our experts are armed with sophisticated machinery which enables us to rekey locks for residential purposes to perfection and ensure zero damage in the process.

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